Innovating in medical
device sterilization

in medical device

Innovating in medical device sterilization

Our mission: a simple, reliable and affordable sterilization process

We have developed an innovative sterilization device based on the use of ultraviolet radiation to activate oxygen from the air into ozone. Ozone, when in a saturated humidity environment, forms hydroxyl radicals which are molecules with highly oxidizing properties.

This environmentally friendly process is carried out at room temperature and requires only 5 mL of water and 150 W power to operate. No more expensive consumables or heavy maintenance, this process was made to trim your sterilization budget without cutting on reliability and efficiency.

Experience the advantages of the SterOx System

Experience the advantages
of the SterOx System

Low-temperature sterilization

Our technology is based on the use of UV light to generate our sterilant. This process is done at room temperature, thus allowing terminal sterilization of common surgical tools as well as complex heat-sensitive medical devices.

No more consumables

Our sterilant is generated from ambient air inside a hermetically closed container. You will not need to purchase any more expensive sterilant nor sterile barrier systems (SBS).

Simple and safe

A simple process and a device that does all the work. Our integrated measuring system will validate each cycle by parametric liberation, you can be confident that no more unproperly sterilized instruments will go to the OR.

No more maintenance fees

Our system was designed to have as little and simple maintenance as possible. Our process will save you money in the long-run.


SteriLux was founded in August 2014 with the ambition to have a major impact on the improvement of quality medical care. Since then, we have been committed to develop an eco-friendly and cost-efficient sterilization system compliant with the most demanding medical regulations.


Our ambitious team is composed of SteriLux’ co-founders, Marc Spaltenstein and Lucas Meyer, and 10 highly qualified full-time employees with diverse core competencies including 3 interns.


SteriLux’ quality management system is ISO 13485:2016 certified. All studies are conducted in accordance with international and industry standards such as ISO 14937:2009, ISO 11607:2006, ISO 14161:2009, ISO 11138:2017.

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