It's a great reward and recognition for our team to win the Design Preis Schweiz in the "RADO Star Prize for Young Talents" category ! Our CEO Marc Spaltenstein and went to the awards ceremony in Langenthal last Friday.

Comment by the jury: It is a truism that the success of medical operations is dependent on the use of sterile instruments. It is less well known that in some regions of the world there are considerable problems in this connection. So a group of scientists is developing a completely innovative method of sterilisation, which can be used even in difficult external circumstances. They are seeking to involve input from designers at an early stage, with a view to giving the equipment associated with the method a user-friendly form. This is a clever move, which makes a crucial contribution to the success of the project and cannot be rated too highly. Developed by the joint efforts of a team, the SteriLux system has impressed the jury right across the board, and has deserved an award from Design Prize Switzerland if for no other reason than that it helps to save human lives.

More informations about the Design Prize Switzerland here.

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